June 22, 2020 (Midnight)

To be really fair with you, I honestly don't know how to use HTML, or other coding languages for that matter, to even know where to start with this site. So for now, you're going to see the blandest, boring website you've ever seen. But I guess this is why I created this blog portion of my website for now. So, if you're reading this, you're likely seeing this on the emptiest homepage, or I've manged to have moved this somewhere else. At this moment that I'm typing, the homepage is completely blank. Don't worry it's going to go somewhere and it's going to improve.

I guess I'll introduce who in I am...simply call me Yozi. That's practically it on the personal part, don't think I'm going to lay out where I exactly live, or what I specifically do beside what I feel comfortable on saying.

June 25, 2020 (Afternoon)

Sorry I haven't really updated this website since my first blog entry, I've been trying my best to learn lines of coding ever since then, and I honestly don't know how to implement them. When I say that I literally suck at coding, I mean that I'm going to be extremely terrible, and it's going to take like three years to even do anything. And I've been having sudden episodes of procrastination on top of that, so me actually focusing my entire attention on learing coding, has been a bit of a struggle. I do have major plans for this site being my magnum opus though, so me just implenting certain features is going to be very tedious. I'm not sure how long It's going to even take to really do anything on here, besides the bare minimum of coding skills this site has taught me. And I also get that this little post might be underwhelming to most, but hey the idea that there are people actually looking at this website, has given me a small amount of anxiety. So, I know that most are going to gander at the amount of updates that I've done on this site, and it not showing anything "new", is pretty nerve-racking to me. Since those where just tests of me trying to figure out how to change the font, color, and background. As well as trying to figure out how to implement the background of this site as a .gif (without having the text blend in with and unreadable). I do sincerely hope that I can give my all, as well as the best conding skills that I can actually learn/use. Because right now it feels like I'm trying to learn a foreign language, whilst living in the country that uses it. So, bon voyage to the 80+ users that stubmled on my bare bone site, and to that one follower!